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You will exceed your expectations of being able to master learning the English Language from level B1 to C2, with our highly personalized classes and courses.

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Personalized and Customized Classes

Each individual and group class is personalized to your language needs and you customize each lesson according to the skills you want to learn, the choice of topics that interest you as well as your learning style. You have complete control over your language learning with guidance and support from our experienced teachers.

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Our Teaching Methods


Student-centered Instruction

Authentic Learning Materials & Environment

Integrated Grammar Instruction

Experiential and Cooperative Learning

Online Language Learning Support




(8 sessions per month)
85 Monthly
or €12 per group session
  • 50-minute group session
  • Small group of max. 4 students
  • Level B1 – C2 (intermediate to advanced)
  • Topic and theme-based conversation
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Receive Free vocabulary/phrase list
  • Facilitated by experienced teacher
  • Improve grammar and fluency


(8 classes per month)
100 Monthly
or €15 per class
  • 50-minute individual class
  • Topic and theme-based conversation
  • Level B1 – C2 (intermediate to advanced)
  • Receive Free vocabulary/phrase list
  • Improve confidence in fluency
  • Focus on listening and speaking with a native speaker
  • Class with experienced teacher

Individual Master Class

(8 lessons per month)
180 Monthly
or €25 Per class
  • 60-minute individual lesson
  • Customised lessons chosen by you
  • Level B1 – C2 (intermediate to advanced)
  • Learn English and a professional/personal skill in 1 lesson
  • Each lesson you will practice reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in English
  • Each lesson is with an experienced teacher and vocational & skills trainer

Why Choose English-Masters?

To be a master of the English language, you need to study and practice reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Each Individual Skilled lesson focuses on these 4 skills with real time feedback from our experienced teachers.

You customize each lesson or conversation class by deciding which topic, skill, personal or professional development you want to learn about in the target language of English.

Each lesson or class is personalized to your needs and learning style. You have the freedom to choose to be confident speaking in groups or individual classes with the camera on or off.

Learn skills and develop yourself professionally and personally
Personalized and customized classes and lessons for intermediate to advanced students
Expand your knowledge, confidence and speaking abilities individually or in groups
Flexible schedule system
Support and guidance from experienced teachers anytime.
Affordable monthly packages


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Conversation groups use Google Meet as the teaching platform, whereas the individual conversation and skilled lesson you can choose skype or Google Meet.

Not at all! You can choose to have your camera on or off in both the group and individual lessons. English-Masters will guide you to feel more confident in speaking with others and support you on your advanced language learning.

English-Masters offers individual conversation classes for this reason. You may begin using this teaching methodology (camera off or on) and with our expertise and experience help expand your vocabulary, improve your fluency and help you feel more confident to speak English to the other people. When you are more confident you have the choice to join the conversation groups at any time.

you have the ability to change your schedule in your student portal area after you log in. You can cancel a class up to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson without penalties.

Yes! Our team is here to support and guide you on your advanced language journey. Feel free to email us at info@english-masters.com with any questions or queries and we will support you.

The skilled lessons are taught by an experienced teacher and vocational and skills trainer. These classes are designed to practice and master the 4 skills of a language; reading, listening, speaking and writing, while learning grammar inherently in each lesson. The choice of skill can be related to professional development or personal development or learning a hobby or any skill you have always wanted to achieve. The bonus is you are learning a skill of your choice in the language of your choice (English).  The Individual skilled lessons are our VIP language lessons.

English-Masters focuses on intermediate to advanced language students. In other words level B1, B2 (Intermediate) and C1 and C2 (advanced to proficient). We aim to help you master the English language.

Before each conversation session you will receive a free vocabulary and phrase guide that you will need to use during the session. We advise that you read the list prior to the session to become familiar with the target vocabulary and phrases for that topic of conversation.

All you need to prepare for this skilled lesson is the skill or personal/ professional development you would like to learn. Our experienced teachers will communicate directly with you to customize these lessons to your needs.


What Students Say

I've never written a review before but they deserve it!. If you want to improve your English and enjoy the journey this is the course. It worked for me. It is worth it.
A. F
A. F
El mejor sitio para aprender ingles mientras tienes conversaciones interesantes y útiles. Gracias por la atención, dedicación y profesionalidad! 100%recomendable!
ADELOPD Consultores Ibiza
ADELOPD Consultores Ibiza
Definitely have exceeded my expectations! Highly Recommended!
Dylan Scholtz
Dylan Scholtz
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Leandra is a qualified Occupational Therapist with a Master’s in Teaching English as a foreign language. She focuses on teaching language learning in a natural way that will enhance your professional and personal skills, as well as build your confidence in your fluency. She is a skilled teacher that focuses each lesson according to your learning style and strengths to allow you to concentrate on mastering your English language skills with ease. The curriculum is developed on her experience as a language learner and she is able to support you in an empathetic, patient and friendly way to help you learn naturally and guide you to develop yourself as well as your fluency.



Shaun is an experienced English teacher to foreign language learners, who has a background in commercial and technical businesses. He is a patient, friendly and empathetic teacher who assists in building your confidence and fluency in conversational skills from an intermediate to advanced level.  As a language learner of more than 3 other languages, he understands the importance of learning a language naturally. Each session or class is focused on your personalized and customized needs to learn at your own pace and using your learning style, strengths and abilities to enhance your language learning experience.

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